Friday, 27 March 2009


I'm really frustrated with my Maxis mobile phone bills... it's misleading and expensive. When I converted it from a normal rateplan, I was informed it will be much cheaper but now I'm receiving bills almost triple the old amount. When I asked the staff there, they can't explain much to me. Imagine that my monthly bills used to be less then RM100 but now I have to pay RM220. Their infamous Value Plus plans are supposed to save me a lot of money but I don't see it anywhere. I seemed to be paying more... sigh! I heard that other telcos offer better pre-paid packages but my area is pro-maxis which is really unfair. I do hope the other telcos improved their coverage so that I can switch to other telcos quickly :-)

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ricetendees said...

Maxis need to revamp! LOL


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