Thursday, 16 September 2021

[MPOV] If Malaysia was Anime: Covidball Z #1, 2 & 3

My overall rating: 3/5
#1 Goodreads rating: 4.63
#2 Goodreads rating: 4.38
#3 Goodreads rating: 3.73
Published: year 2020
Author: Ernest Ng
Genre: comic, fiction, satirical

Thanks to Ai Jou for this wonderful birthday gift and I am able to read it for this month's challenge!
September's Book Challenge:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A locally published kids' book OR a humorous read
The year is 2020 and we are under attack from the Covid Forces! It is time for us to fight back!

This comic book is a work of parody and satire. It tells the story of how we reacted during the 2020 pandemic and also some funny Malaysian incidents. Storytelling has been enhanced to be as ridiculous and as anime as possible.

We know it's a manga but the word anime sounds better.

Fully coloured!
High quality print!
Durable paper material!
Kick ass content!

Contains several chapters that was never uploaded online because the author thought it was too stupid to post up.
Firstly, I was taken by the well printed comic, good quality finished and strong colours that blew my mind! I have always seen the thin ones from the likes of Marvel or DC Comics which I wasn't keen on as it is easily torn. This one is way better and definitely a keeper! 

When I've picked this for this month's book challenge, I intended to read only the first book as I thought it would be thought provoking deep. It turns out it was a breeze reading it all! Yes, I've finished it all within a week!

It was entertaining, comedic and satirical at it's best! I can definitely relate to it and understood the jokes behind it. This author is way creative! It honestly turns out to be a good comic and I'm proud that it is Malaysian made.

If you are looking for something to perk you up from your reading slump or looking for something funny, you should give this comic a try.

Friday, 20 August 2021

[MPOV] The Far Side of the Sun

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 3.69/5
Published: December 5th, 2013
Author: Kate Furnivall
Genre: historical fiction, mystery, romance, crime

My pick for August's Book Challenge:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A book about climate change OR set in a tropical climate
2. Book Spin / Book Spin Bingo: letters K or B (Kate Furnivall)

Dodie is a waitress trying to make ends meet in Bahamas. This novel follows the turmoil Dodie encountered after trying to save a stabbed man by the roadside who eventually died at her house. From meeting and falling in love with Flynn to investigating the truth behind the dead man, it all broils down to the rich in Bahamas with the likes of a Duke, a Sir and a few others with many more deaths to come.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author has written this novel. Very easy to understand, even with the many point of views, it was short and sweet as it's labelled at each chapter accordingly. Yet, it was intriguing and had me vested in the story. It was rightly paced which slowly build up the momentum and I just can't wait to finish it!

Though it may seemed odd the way it started with Dodie finding and helping an injured unknown man, this is set in the 40's on a small island hence the appropriateness may differ to a town or city. As such, with a little romance and crime do set the story nicely with a few other distinguished cohorts and the high societies then. The premise itself made it easily relatable overall and the ending was unexpected for me.

I have only read one other book by Kate Furnivall, The Russian Concubine, but I do find this one much more enjoyable and I could easily immersed myself into the story. It maybe a little predictable at some point, yet it was engaging with well written prose. I honestly do missed the beach, especially in a lockdown now due to Covid-19! I just can't wait to bring out my beach bag and board a plane to Bali! 
My love, this is a new beginning. Us together. Forget the rest. This is you and me.

Friday, 30 July 2021

[MPOV] Dracula from the story by Bram Stoker

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4.06/5
Published: March 1st, 1996
Retold by Mike Stocks
Genre: horror, vampire, literature, classic

I've picked another quick read for July's Book Challenge:
A speculative novella OR a read with magical elements

I have watched numerous Dracula's and Van Helsing's movies, though it may be gory and scary at times, I have never expected reading a Usborne Classics Retold version would be a frightening experience. I kept getting chills and goosebumps, half expecting something to jump out of nowhere! Imagine that, it is just a novella for young readers!
Truthful retellings of classic stories, clearly written in a modern, approachable style for young readers. Include informative notes on the authors and original texts.
It is well retold in a informative and easy to understand manner about a lawyer's encounter of a vampire in Transylvania which led to him to be gravely ill and lost contact with his fiancee in London. Mina, his fiancee, finally received a letter from a hospital in Budapest informing her of Jonathan's ill health to which she quickly travelled to looking for him. She was shocked to see his poor condition and slowly nurse him to good health. He has given his journal of his encounter for Mina to read and understand what has happened to him but she has kept it instead. They got married and returned to London. One day while on a stroll, Jonathan was shocked to see the vampire prying on a innocent girl. Upon learning this, Mina decided to read Jonathan's journal and together they embarked on a journey to seek and destroy the vampire.

I'm glad to have finally read this, although short, it isn't a sweet one LOL! It did give me scary goosebumps especially towards the end and I liked that ending. At least it has a ''happy ever after'' one :-) The overall story was mildly retold yet with chilly effects. It slightly deviates from the movie versions I've watched and I'm unsure of the true, original one from Bram Stoker. I've never read it which I think I never will in the future too, my fragile heart can't take it LOL!!! Anyway, this retold was well written and definitely suitable for the young readers.

[CSM] Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is on Shopee!

I have recently got to know that Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) is available on Shopee!

This is definitely a win/win situation for Shopee customers as you can earn more Shopee coins while doing a good deed! Look at the delectable merchandise they have onboard! Time to start shopping now!

This is mine, I have contributed to the fund!

Saturday, 24 July 2021

[Sew] 3D Fabric Face Mask

I've finally embarked on this pattern which I've discovered from the world wide web; from See Kate Sew to Sweet Red Poppy to Sotak Handmade and many more. After watching numerous YouTube videos of all the talented sewists sharing how to sew a 3D face mask using their own respective design or template, I've finally decided on combining a few to simplify and better fit us :-)

  1. The second time, after input from family, it turns out quite snug and small
  2. The first time which turned out big and loose fitting
  3. Lastly, after getting a friend's input, it has turned out exactly what I would have liked!
Apologies for the inconsistent numbering as I didn't realized the arrangement was the other way around for the right hand side ones. Anyway, this pattern is by far the easiest to sew compared to the cup and medical type face masks! 

What I've used:
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • silicon bead stopper
  • elastic band
  • nose wire

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

[MPOV] The Painted Hall Collection

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4/5
Published: 15/12/2018
Author: Anna Tan
Genre: fantasy, magical realism

Another pick for July's Book Challenge:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A speculative novella OR a read with magical elements
2. Book Spin / Book Spin Bingo: letters T or A (Anna Tan)

This is a reread for me, you can read my initial review here:

The experience reading it a second time is different as, initially, I've read it over a span of a few years due to it's various release dates from the e-ARC I've received. Now reading it at one go from a book definitely had a much pleasant reading journey compared to earlier. 

This is a unique novel where the story is broken down by it's various phase of life. First one, When Wind Blows Cold, is based on Danis finding Hana. Next, The Flame of The North and Beneath The Rumbling Earth are based on both Mica and Hono, Danis and Hana's children. Last but not least, The Still, Small Voice is based on Hono.

Overall, it was truly an exciting journey for a simple kinda folklore with some magical elements. It is fast paced and straightforward which can be finished in 2 seating max but I did take a longer time to complete due to working from home. After finishing work, there are lots of home chores to complete too! Anyway, it has only 93 pages so you get the drift :-)

The remaining 27 pages is based on a trilogy the author is working on. Shattered Memories is part of this trilogy namely Absolution so you can get a taste of what to expect from it. Amok is the first release from the Absolution trilogy and I have read the e-ARC. You can check out my review here: 

All in all, Anna Tan's novels are suitable for all walks of life including young readers too. With it's easy to understand prose and attractive magical realism, I'm sure it will keep them, and even us, entertained until the end :-)

For more deets, you can check out her website:

Thank you again, Anna, for the opportunity to read and review your novels. I truly can't wait for the next Absolution novel!

Thursday, 8 July 2021

[MPOV] Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4.38/5
Published: April 1st, 2021
Author: Angie Herbertson
Genre: non-fiction, crafts, sewing

I've gotten this e-ARC from Netgalley as I was interested in sewing more other types of face masks.

This is my pick for July's Book Challenge:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A speculative novella OR a read with magical elements
2. Book Spin / Book Spin Bingo: letters T or A (Angie Herbertson)

Interestingly, very straightforward with many templates and it's easy to pick up sewing even for a newbie. It is very thorough with proper instructions and pics that you won't get lost. Very easy to understand which is a plus as like many sewists, I may not know most sewing jargons. 

There are a total of 14 patterns to choose from, all practical projects. It does piqued my interests on the other projects which I have to find time and material to do it LOL! Perhaps later when I am not bogged down by work and life :-)

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Vanscent 4 ply face mask

In this post, I'll be promoting a new product which Nyc Nat Nook is proudly selling. For those who didn't know, Nyc Nat Nook is a part-time online biz where hubby and I are selling products that we believe in, including some of my handmade stuff.

Nyc Nat Nook is glad to be a part of this journey during this pandemic bringing this essential product to you. If you are looking for a good quality, sturdy medical face mask, Vanscent might be your answer. 4 ply and lightly fragrant with bergamot, this medical face mask is the first of it's kind. It is refreshing yet effectively compliant for use. Each face mask is individually packed for hygiene purpose. 

To know more, please click on the link below:

Price: RM23 for each box with 30 pieces individually packed.

If you purchase 3 boxes for 1 delivery address, postage is free within Peninsula Malaysia. However, you will need to top-up RM5 for East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).


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