Thursday, 18 October 2018

CSM: Nyc Nat Nook closed for the weekend

Please note that Nyc Nat Nook will be closed this weekend and reopens on Monday! We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused! Thank you.

Monday, 15 October 2018

MPOV: Li Restaurant

My rating: 4/5
Type: non-halal
Location: 5 Jalan SS 22/23 Damansara Jaya

I've always been curious as to why this restaurant is always packed even though the prices are on the high side. So we decided to have our tea break here one day and surprisingly, it was nice.
House made sourdough with butter, sea salt and kaya RM7; Piccolo RM9
I've really enjoyed my sourdough albeit a little too hard due to it's texture and being toasted. Simple rustic tea time which was fulfilling for me.
Pork Toast Normal RM9.90; Lemongrass RM7
Hub's pork toast was very rich in taste! So fusion like and very nice!

Total bill was RM36.20 inclusive of 10% service charge (RM3.29). Not exactly a cost effective tea time but worth a try nonetheless. Aside from the friendly staffs and great ambience, their menu is quite unique and authentic. Also the quality fared better with the quirky attractive display :-) Worth another visit in the near future!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Thursday, 11 October 2018

MPOV: Venom

My rating: 4/5
IMDb rating: 7.1/10
Initial release: 4/10/2018
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Casts: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott
Category: PG-13

While exploring space for new habitable worlds, a probe belonging to bioengineering corporation Life Foundation discovers a comet covered in symbiotic lifeforms. They bring four samples back to Earth, but one escapes and causes the ship to crash in Malaysia. The Life Foundation recovers the other three and transports them to their research facility in San Francisco, where CEO Carlton Drake learns that the symbiotes cannot survive without oxygen-breathing hosts, which often reject the symbiosis. Investigative journalist Eddie Brock reads about Drake's human trials in a classified document in the possession of his fiancée Anne Weying, an attorney involved in preparing a lawsuit defense for Life Foundation. Brock confronts Drake, leading to both Brock and Weying losing their jobs. Weying ends their relationship.

Six months later, Drake is getting closer to achieving successful symbiosis. Brock is approached by Dora Skirth, one of Drake's scientists who disagrees with his methods and wants to help Brock expose him. She helps Brock break into the research facility to search for evidence, and he learns that an acquaintance of his, a homeless woman named Maria, has become one of Drake's test subjects. Brock attempts to rescue Maria, but she attacks him and the symbiote possessing her transfers from her body to his, leaving her dead. Brock escapes, but he soon begins displaying strange symptoms and reaches out to Weying for help. Her new boyfriend, Dr. Dan Lewis, examines Brock and discovers the symbiote. Meanwhile, Drake executes Skirth for her betrayal by exposing her to the remaining symbiote, which ultimately dies. This leaves the symbiote inside Brock as the only known surviving specimen.

Drake sends mercenaries to retrieve the symbiote from Brock, but it takes over Brock's body and transforms him into a monstrous creature that fights off the attackers. Taking shelter outside the city, the symbiote communicates with Brock and introduces itself as Venom. It explains that the comet is an invasion force searching for new worlds where the symbiotes can possess and devour the inhabitants. Venom offers to spare Brock if he helps the symbiotes achieve their goal, and Brock soon comes to enjoy the superhuman attributes that the symbiote gives him. Brock breaks into his old workplace to turn in evidence of Drake's crimes, but he is surrounded by SWAT officers on the way out and transforms once again to escape. Weying witnesses this transformation and takes Brock back to Lewis's office, where they reveal to Brock that the symbiote is slowly rotting his internal organs. Brock also admits that the symbiote has two weaknesses: high-pitched noises and fire. Although the symbiote claims the organ damage is a fixable part of their symbiosis, Brock uses an MRI machine to weaken the symbiote long enough to separate from it. He is then captured by Drake's men.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

I've totally enjoyed the movie from the start until the end! FYI, there is a mid-credits scene ya...

Such a handsome portrayal of Eddie/ Venom by Tom Hardy! It was as though the character was made for him as it totally fits like a glove! He has that swagger in him that made Eddie Brock real plus he's English! Michelle, on the other hand, was kinda stiff... as stiff as her wig initially. She finally warmed up when the heat is on with Venom biting heads off and all!

Though rated PG-13, it wasn't as bad as Deadpool 2, the goriness I mean. In fact, Venom has more action, more gist and more depth to the story plots. Of course, there were some predictable ones but overall it was a good movie to watch in the cinema! Definitely can't wait for the next one with Carnage in it!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

MPOV: go Thai

My rating: 4/5
Type: non-halal
Location: T 25 - 28, Atria Shopping Gallery

An impromptu late lunch here hence the quiet ambience. I definitely liked the decorations with many vintage tiffins and whatnots! Surprisingly, the food is as tasty as those in Bangkok!

Iced Longan RM4.90 and TTK Ice Cream RM7.90
Cooling yet refreshing desserts!
Khao Kha Moo RM11.90
This was definitely what we were looking for! It tasted similarly to those found in Bangkok! The only setback was the meat wasn't as tender and soft. Maybe it hasn't been broiled enough yet. Other than that it was good!
Kai Jeaw Poo RM24.90
Total bill was RM50.40 including of ice water RM0.80. Of course the price is not comparable to those in Bangkok, which is way cheaper there, but the overall taste and quality of food was good. Not forgetting the service was quite efficient and the staffs were friendly too. It's definitely a place worth visiting again though not as often, perhaps whenever the craving acquiesce.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Nyc Nat Nook: Now opened!

I've been pretty busy setting up the shop as the opening date was getting nearer! The adrenaline rush was pumping high since I was so excited and can't wait to reveal the shop in it's glory! Painting the shop, furniture, decorations, stocks, etc... so much to do with so little time!

And finally....... tadaa!!!

We are now opened!!!

Since we are sub-letting a small corner, there wasn't any soft launch or grand opening. We will save that for later when we have our own shop ya! So for now, this will do!

Nyc Nat Nook offers:

  • books for rent
  • crochet gifts for sale and crochet workshop is available
  • power banks, chargers and cables for sale
For more updates, please follow us at:

Friday, 5 October 2018

MPOV: Paradise Dynasty

My rating: 3/5
Type: non-halal
Location: Lot G21, G22 & GA21, IPC Shopping Centre
Facebook: @paradisegroupmsia

Having our lunch here was kinda a mistake as it was expensive! Thankfully it was fulfilling or else it would have felt like fine dining LOL!
Original XLB 6 pcs RM15.90
The dishes we've ordered were based on the photos in the menu, aside from XLB which was a must have for us! XLB was of average taste though.
Shredded Pork in Black Sauce RM24.40
It was nice to wrap in the thin popiah skin but the shredded pork still tasted a little bitter for me albeit tender and soft.
Prawn & Pork Dumpling RM20.65
This dumpling dish was definitely Szechuan style as it's so spicy!!! It truly hit the roof, so to speak!!!
Crispy Spring Roll RM10.25
Simple crispy vegetable spring roll with nothing much else inside.
Puer Tea for 2 pax RM7.50
Wet tissue RM1.50
Tidbits RM3.75
10% service charge RM8.40
6% service tax RM5.04

Total RM97.40 to which my eyes nearly bawled out! Fine lah since it's supposedly an exclusive Chinese restaurant but those extras charged felt a little too much in my books. The overall service experience sort of made up for the high charges I supposed. It sure is a once in a blue moon kinda treat for me lah... would have opted for something else Chinese but the choice of restaurant was kinda limited in IPC. I'm just glad it was fulfilling for us as we were famished then!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Nyc Nat Nook v1.0

I have always fancy having my own books and crafts cafe, day dreaming of the facade and whatnots. However, in reality, it costs a bomb to open one! I've done my homework and it's not cheap ya especially the equipment to run a cafe.

Fortunately, opportunity comes in another form...

So here I am, finally taking this huge step with hubby, setting up a brick and mortar shop! Though not the whole shop per se, it's just a small corner nestling within an optical shop and a cafe.

A little background to this special arrangement:
Well, it was the optician's idea to have a 3-in-1 shop where it's inter-related. We have the main tenant which is the optical shop, the cafe so customers can sit, read and drink coffee while waiting for their spectacles to be ready and lastly, my shop where customers can read, rent and shop :-) Something different and unique, right?!!!

Hence, "Nyc Nat Nook" has been born! Here, we plan to have:
- books for rent with random reads from classics to modern fictions
- crafts for sale with crochet workshops for beginners would be available
- accessories for ladies and gadget for mobile phones for sale

I know it seems like a lot for a small corner but it's something we believe in. Definitely a leap of faith for us *fingers crossed*. All I can say is there's a little something for every readers, crafters and gift-hunters... all under one roof! I mean nook!!!

No need to look further ya... coming soon so stay tuned!!!


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