Friday, 19 December 2014

This weekend's events

I'll be at this event this weekend! So please come and support me ya... last weekend for a last minute Christmas shopping!
Handmade items great as Christmas gifts!
Other noteworthy events which I totally adore but can't make it:

Adopt, shop, read and be merry!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Trash To Treasure: feedback and update

Participated in this Trash To Treasure Event last weekend (it was my first) and managed to clear some of my stash, thankfully! Most importantly, I managed to cover my rental for both days, gross and not nett ya since I was clearing my old stocks hence very steep margin. Anyway, the concept was unique, different from others which is why I wanted to share it including my experiences, both good and bad.
I got to know this event from 1 of the Facebook groups I've joined, unfortunately I can't recall which one. Thought of giving it a try since I've not participated in any this year and I really do have loads of old stocks to clear. My first thought was negative, 19 USJ City Mall??? I realized the last time I've been to this mall, it was a digital mall then and it was so empty! The change of name indicating a revamped mall so many questions were floating in my mind like will there be crowd?, will there be marketing and awareness of this event?, is it worth it?. In the end, I thought I have nothing to lose since the package itself was cheap and worthwhile i.e. rental for a table is inclusive of a lunch set. Since I require 2 tables, I would get 2 sets. It's a win win situation lah...

I contacted the organizer via Facebook messenger and everything was sorted out promptly. Just waited for the day to arrive positively and praying for a smooth event. Honestly, I did have a high expectation since Christmas is just around the corner. So when the day arrived, I was a little flustered. Why? Well...
  1. Tables - When I first saw the event details, it was stated clearly 2.5ft x 2.5ft so I would have a square table x 2. On that day, we got round tables instead of square or rectangular. Totally not convenient and difficult to display our stocks hence the unattractive and flimsy displays. It should state 2.5ft diameter instead then we wouldn't have been misled.
  2. Location - It's situated at level 1, a floor above Aeon Big, opposite Mr. DIY. Unfortunately, I noticed the escalators were not favourable to us. It's facing Mr. DIY hence the crowd will go up, straight to Mr. DIY and then go down the escalator. We are on the other side of the circle enclave so we rely on those who continued to walk past the escalators which is a mere 20%. There should be more bunting guiding the crowd to our event area too. The other option would be allowing us to use the concourse area to create awareness. After a few months, once more people knew of this, we can shift back to level 1.
  3. Awareness - The root cause: lack of marketing. The only marketing tools used were Facebook and fliers. I did not see any banner outside the mall nor bunting inside. Relying on us, the vendors, sharing the event via Facebook is not enough. Fliers distributed at the condo or neighbourhood next door is also not enough. We need more advertisements... publicity... as most people never knew 19 USJ City Mall existed!!! The management wants crowd to the dying mall so their marketing team should also collaborate with the organizer and do something! Not just shake legs and wait for rental *shakes head*
See... it's bare and flimsy... needs getting used to
Thank goodness, the organizer (a young married couple) were friendly, attentive and very hands-on. They actually owned a restaurant downstairs, Platter Houz, where our lunch sets were from. A very smart move collaborating with the mall to incorporate rent + food in the package. A win win situation for both the management and the organizers. I don't mind since there wasn't much crowd hence with the meal compensating the rent is a huge plus for me. It's not just a simple local dish ya, it's actually western! Honestly, their lunch sets were cheap and really delicious. At RM9.90 per set, you have options of fish & chips, spaghetti or fried rice with a glass of iced or hot honey lemon juice.
My Saturday's order: olive fried rice which was surprisingly yummy!
Sunday's order: spaghetti carbonara with mushroom, delicious!
I didn't snap Angel's orders though but they were totally enjoying it! Fish & chips and spaghetti marinara with both switching their orders on both days LOL! We also get free flow of sky juice, so you tell me, where got such good deal for vendors? As long as I was able to cover my rental, I'm happy as a clam as I would also get to clear my stocks and not leaving it stagnant. Hence, hubs immediately decided for me to continue this weekend! It's a win win situation so why not?

Yes, the organizer has decided to continue it as a weekly event and I'll be participating it this weekend too. So my dear friends, family and readers, please drop by my booth at Level 1, 19 USJ City Mall (Mr. DIY side) this coming weekend, 20th and 21st December 2014, from 11am to 9pm for your last minute Christmas shopping, etc! It's the last weekend to shop for Christmas and I still have loads of stock to clear at very cheap price! Fret not, I do have some gift bags and boxes if required. So come one, come all!!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

MPOV: How To Train Your Dragon 2

Five years after the Viking village of Berk made peace with the dragons, they now live among the villagers as helpful companions. Hiccup goes on adventures with his dragon, Toothless, as they discover and map unexplored lands and territories. Having come of age, he is being pressed by his father, Stoick the Vast, to succeed him as chieftain, although Hiccup remains unsure if he is ready for this responsibility.

While investigating a wildfire, Hiccup and Astrid discover the remains of a fort encased in a colossal blue ice formation and encounter a dragon trapper named Eret, who blames them for the destruction of his fort and attempts to capture their dragons for an insane conqueror named Drago Bludvist. The two riders return to Berk to warn Stoick about the dragon army that Drago is amassing, and Stoick orders the villagers to fortify the island and prepare for battle. Stoick explains that he once met Drago at a gathering of chiefs, where Drago, mocked after offering the chiefs his service in return for their servitude, murders them all, with Stoick as the only survivor. Hiccup, however, refuses to believe that war is inevitable. After Stoick interrupts their plan to get Eret to take them to his master, Hiccup flies off with Toothless in search of Drago, to try to reason with him.

They are captured by a dragon rider named Valka, who is revealed to be Hiccup's long-lost mother. She explains that she, like her son, was unable to kill dragons, and so, after being carried off during a dragon raid, she spent twenty years rescuing dragons from Drago's traps and bringing them to an island haven created out of ice by a gigantic Alpha dragon known as the Bewilderbeast, to whom all dragons answer. Stoick tracks Hiccup to the island where he discovers that his wife is still alive. Simultaneously, Astrid and the other riders kidnap Eret to find Drago, but they are also captured and Drago learns of Berk's dragons.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

I love dragons so I'll never missed this movie although watching it later, together with Angels which was more meaningful. Overall, an entertaining movie, as usual. The only plot which I can't grasp was the fact that his mother left him 20 years ago yet Hiccup can accept her back in his life easily, so was his father. That part was a little far-fetched for me. I guess the dragons excuse was acceptable. Anyway, truly enjoyable especially watching it with the kids.

Rating: 3/5
Directed by Dean DeBlois
Starring Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill
About: A 2014 American 3D computer-animated action fantasy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox, loosely based on the book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angel's year end school concert

As this year is the final year for Tyger at primary school (next year he'll be attending secondary school i.e. form 1), we decided to take leave to attend their school's year end concert. Furthermore, both of them were participating in the concert so might as well record their performances *proud parents*

Mostly were videos so just sharing 2 photos here:
Tyger accepting 1 of his achievements
Princess was 1 of the trophy bearers
Overall, it was tiring holding the camera up most of the time recording their performances but it's a memory worth keeping! The best part, now I know Tyger could groove, I didn't know he had it in him LOL!

Time really flies and my angels are growing up so fast I can't even keep up with them now. With Tyger moving to another school leaving his sister behind, I kinda worry as Princess has always relied on her big brother for help and guidance. Being a girl and lack of self-esteem, she rely on Tyger most of the time so with him out of the way, I guess she has to really pick herself up and buck up... stand on her own 2 feet and be independent *fingers crossed*

Friday, 12 December 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A reminder to self

Feeling blessed
Feeling grateful
feeling thankful
These 3 feelings I have been trying to instil it permanently in me albeit a difficult one since there are so much negativity in me and also around me.
With so many unwanted, unwarranted and unethical human beings around, it's not easy to stay positive.
As such, this is a reminder to me every night when I go to sleep, every morning when I wake up and each time when I'm pissed.
I pray that I will succeed and eventually be more positive, more confident and also more happy.
Also able to ignore the negativity around me especially those unethical human beings who loved to inflict pain, sadness and anger.
For every fork or path in life, we have 2 choices, either left or right.
So we choose wisely and keep moving forward, let the past go and learn from it.
No point harbouring grudges and revenge against those you hate, I mean dislike.
Always believe in karma, what goes around, comes around.
Feeling philosophical today ^.^
Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Crochet: Moon Coin Purse

Tried dabbling with a new and simple coin purse but it didn't turned out as round as I would have wanted it...
What I've used:

  • 100% acrylic yarns
  • Seal felt
There are a lot more designs in my head but needed to complete some requests first before proceeding...

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Dentists

Warning: this is gonna be a long read!

It all started when my left bottom wisdom tooth started chipping, I think 4 times. By then, the remaining part was sharp at the edge and gum has become more sensitive. At times, the pain was so atrocious that I wanted to find a pair of pliers to pull it out myself... which of course would never happen. After many senseless self-slapping, Panadol and cursing, I've decided to visit a dentist.

Now, I have not visited a dentist since 2008. Ya, I know... not treating my teeth well blah blah blah. But I can't help it... I have feared dentists since I was 11 years old! Well, thanks to this fat woman dentist in Shah Alam who has instilled this fear in me. I was never afraid when I was small. In fact, I used to visit the school's dentist during recess time when I was in Standard 1 and 2. After transferring to another school, I have not visited since as this new school does not provide such facility. I still remember that incident clearly... how she handled the looooooooooong needle... the force she used to shove me in my seat when I tried to run away... she was not gentle at all! This was not the end.

Dad told me I should get braces when I was in Standard 6. I instantly froze. FYI, I have a small jaw frame so my teeth were like pushing and clashing each other just to be out! Since 'no' was not an option, I had to follow dad to the orthodontic in PJ. Not sure if it was a blessing or what but the dentist was a soft-spoken, elderly man. He immediately put me at ease as if sensing my reluctance. Throughout the procedure, he was gentle but yet stern with numerous scoldings as apparently my teeth was not clean enough. Already having constant headaches, gum-aches and loss of appetite due to the braces, I have to endure the pressure of keeping it insanely clean due to the fear of getting more scolding. Well, he was loud and he will fill my teeth with this pink ink to show the dirtiness. So it was embarrassing as you can see all those eyes at the waiting area zoning in on you when you are leaving. Sigh!

After everything was removed, no more dentists! Until 2008 where I had scaling for the first time after so many moons! She was a gentle lady in her mid-thirties and she had this Faith Hill's album playing at the background. Once she started working on my teeth, she starting singing =.= I know it's supposed to be soothing but it's annoying to me as I was so scared and here she is singing... jeez!

Anyway, after that episode, finally visited a dentist in Klang about a month ago due to this stupid wisdom tooth. Dentist was a friend's recommendation as he happens to be soft-spoken with painless procedures. Unfortunately the clinic is for the rich. After x-ray and consultation, I left with a resolute to visit government clinic instead. Imagine I have to fork out at least RM800 to extract ONE bloody wisdom tooth!!! I was shocked... told the dentist directly I can't afford it. As it is, I'm so broke and he still wanted to suck me dry =.=

As the throbbing pain continued, went to a government clinic in Selangor but it was closed for walk-in, only for those with appointments =.= Found another in KL and it's opened for walk-in... thank goodness! However, another disappointment as after consultation, dentist confirmed it requires minor surgery and can only be done at a hospital. I was flabbergasted! She issued a referral letter and gave me antibiotics to complete as she's worried about infection. Rushed to the hospital as apparently they do not accept walk-in in the afternoon but luckily we managed to consult a dentist. After x-ray, she has the same conclusion and insisted I go for a scaling before the surgery appointment a week later. The best part:
  • hospital don't do it and redirected me to either the same government clinic I went to or to a private clinic
  • government clinic insisted no walk-in for scaling, only by appointment and redirected me back to the hospital or to a private clinic
  • in the end, I had to fork out a chunk at a private clinic near hub's office for scaling, thankfully the dentist was gentle and kind. He also shook his head after hearing me out.
WTF! A total inconvenience for the rakyat! First the run around and then this! This is 1 of the reasons why many preferred to opt for private instead of government clinics. Since we can't afford it, we have to patiently accept this inconvenience. I just don't get it... the clinic would have known this hence the dentist should have done the scaling on the spot but she didn't. She just conveniently turned a blind eye and set a scaling appointment next month. It's like her way of closing the chapter there... very clever. So now, it's an useless appointment for me.

Then D-DAY arrived! I was nervous and anxious, had trouble eating a full breakfast. Well, I was supposed to eat until full, full as advised by dentist and nurse the other day but only managed to swallow a roti telur and iced milo. It was not an easy task with all these mixed feelings, trust me! This time, a male dentist surgeon attended my case. He explained the procedures, pros, cons, etc, also advised that I removed the wisdom tooth at the top since it would be rendered useless after the removal of the bottom one which I reluctantly agreed. As I was so anxious and scared, he even lectured me, that I must be calm or all those anaesthetics would be useless as my brain will be saying otherwise =.= It was nice of him to assure me that it would be painless during the whole procedure. After 25 mins or so, it was all done. Surprisingly, during the surgery, I was calm... kept repeating to myself 'Susan, go to sleep'! LOL! 
Left: brittled bottom tooth Right: useless top tooth
True enough, it was painless although had to endure the rough movements of extracting the teeth but after 3 hours on the dot, the pain slowly but surely shocked me! Thank goodness for the strong pain killers! After swallowing it, the pain dissipate within seconds! FYI, I just needed it for the first day, next day was able to endure without it. I was also grateful that MC given was 3 days... just nice to lay low and recuperate. Honestly, didn't moved much except sleep, watched TV and trying to eat. Every movement felt like eternity LOL! Slow mo but time really flew by and time to head for work.

And then time to remove stitches which was a week after the surgery. Thankfully it healed well... was so worried as I have eczema, so I thought my gum would also suffer the same fate =.= Anyway, FYI, I had to wait for 2 hours to register before heading to the dentist >.< Honestly, it was really an unworthy wait as there weren't people at the dentist. They should separate the queue away from the generals!
Nearly fainted when I saw this!
Overall, I was thankful I could utilize the government clinic and hospital to save some $$$ but having to endure the inconveniences which was part & parcel was not welcomed. They should think of ways to improvise the overall experience, be more efficient and not lackadaisical. This is truly avoidable and not an excuse to mistreat us the poor who can't afford private practitioners. Not forgetting, the dentists and nurses were experienced, even my surgeon was really efficient so I am forever grateful for this good experience in the dentistry thus restoring my faith.

Phew! A long one which I've tried to summarize as much as I can... now rescheduled and waiting for my next scaling appointment in 2015.


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