Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MPOV: Kedai Kopi Tai Zhong

I love old fashion coffee shops, especially in small towns, as it brings back that nostalgic feeling and the ambiance always makes me feel at home. So whenever we chance upon 1, especially when it is always crowded, we would definitely try it. Just like Kedai Kopi Tai Zhong.

Located off the main road in a quiet corner, this shop is always crowded when we passed by using the back road to avoid the traffic jam at the main road in Bidor. There are ample parking spaces so fret not ya... it's a distant from the hustle bustle of the main road.
No kidding... it was crowded on an early Sunday morning
A simple but yummy local speciality
The low profile facade
We ordered 2 plates of dried noodles aka 'kuon lou meen' with a dash of curry (a must!) and some 'liu' which cost us RM9.50. The curry was really tasty, not too spicy and not too milky. Overall food was yummy with a tinge of local goodness... loved the crunchy fresh dried 'liu' too! Our drinks (iced Nescafe and hot milk tea) was RM3.50. My milk tea tasted pure, not watery washed down even with less milky sweetness... my kinda tea. Even though it was crowded, we didn't have to wait long which shows their efficiency and promptness.

Rating: 3.5/5
Location: along Jalan Bidor Raya, Bidor, Perak - the first corner shop on your left after turning in from the main road, you won't missed it
Type: non-halal

Monday, 23 March 2015


Finally, a validation that I'm normal, not a hoarder! LOL! Just can't resists sharing this!

Well, I love books and whenever I'm in a bookshop, I truly felt like I'm in heaven! Honest to goodness, I can just browse and loaf in a bookshop for hours without feeling lonely... in fact, I actually felt at home. This is just me.

So when I finally discovered KL Book Exchange Club (you can search and join this private group in Facebook if you love books and reading) in Facebook, I was ecstatic! So many like minded souls in 1 group! It's so refreshing to learn something new, meet new friends, exchanging ideas and even discussing books! I know, I admit that I'm a bookworm but, hey, I have a life! How about you?

My kinda equation: book / haberdashery + coffee = heaven

Friday, 20 March 2015

This weekend's events

It's March, the Month of Mutts - come down to our Mutley Roadshow - a celebration of mutts!

*Test your dog training skills with our K9 good citizen training class!

*Medal award ceremony for our SPCA Ambassadogs, who recently passed their Bronze K9 Good Citizen tests

*Merchandise booth


See you there! 21st March 2015 9am - noon @ Central Park, 1 Utama!

Furry Friends Farm will be at Tenby International School on Saturday 21 March 2015!

We will be selling cakes; breads and our merchandises.

Come one, come all. Proceeds from the Canteen Day will go to Furry Friends Farm. Last year Tenby raised RM15 k, we hope to be even better this year.

So come and support !
Come and meet your to- be- BFF at our Adoption Drive on Sunday 22 March 2015, 12 noon - 4 pm.

See you ! Do share so this lovable doggies have a better chance to find a home.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Quote of the day

My favourite quote which helps me up and think positive whenever I feel down and demotivated.

It came to mind again today as I honestly felt lost... without guidance... no validation... no affirmation. Why? This question keeps hovering over my mind. Should I continue? Should I stop? I am not a creative individual and without a marketing background as such it is difficult for me to proceed further, continue with my part-time business. At times, I just need that little nudge of validation so that I know I am on the right path but alas...

I know it is right to always proceed with what my gut tells me but being a fickle-minded person, I tend to think a lot which makes me indecisive. Hence such nudges would be greatly appreciated. It is hard for me without a clue on how to move on... if my decision is right... if I should still pursue this as the market is getting cold and the buying power seems to dissipate with GST looming over. I still have loads of stocks hence not continuing seems to be out of the question for now... sigh!

Decisions... decisions... decisions...

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Something to laugh about...

Saw someone shared this on Facebook LOL! Something to laugh about during this stressed midweek ^.*

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Monday, 16 March 2015

A lovely catch-up

This will be a brief post ^.*

I was so glad to be able to meet up 2 of my ex-Maxis CPAC colleagues at KLCC last Saturday. It's been ages since I last saw them!
Sundary, Shree and moi
We kept reminiscing the good old days... catch-up on our current life... back to reminiscing those days... LOL!!! Truly had a wonderful time until we lost touch of the actual time! Wished the others could have joined us though... we would have been a noisy lot!

Can't wait for our next meet-up next month! Hopefully the others could join us too...

Friday, 13 March 2015


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