Friday, 27 March 2020

RMO: Day 10

Day 10... finally survived 10 days at home without going anywhere...
10 days working from home which was bearable at some point...
In fact, I find it more hectic as having to communicate via technology is somewhat more of a sore for me.. can't gauge their reactions... not forgetting having been chased for this and that... it's all a little too much at times.
I guess it's just me lah... just some ninny rant, nothing much today

Thursday, 26 March 2020

RMO: Day 9

It's been a busy and hot 'work from home' day but fulfilling nonetheless. I just can't wait for Saturday to get my hands dirty........ my garden seeks my attention! Looking at the many luscious blooms and bushy greens are definitely soothing for my soul and sanity. It never fails to calm me effortlessly. So in keeping them keeping me happy, I do have to mind and fertilise each pot every weekend :-) I don't mind that at all as I do enjoy having my hands dirty in the soil, in fact, gardening to me is therapeutic! The sad part, I had some seedlings in an egg tray but I just realised a rodent had apparently been eating them!!! So I have to sow a new batch :-(

Well then, what else is new? I'm having a bad toothache after eating some cold oranges today during lunch. The pain has ceased but the dull throbbing is still there which makes it so damn unforgiving! I am afraid of going to a dentist but if this throbbing persists then I guess I have no choice but to visit one. Praying hard that the pain goes away when I wake up tomorrow morning! *fingers and toes crossed*

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

RMO: Day 8

It has just been announced by our PM that Restricted Movement Order / Movement Control Order has been extended to 14/4/2020.

My first thought was of my LRT RM100 30 days pass!!! There goes my RM100 with utilisation of 2 days only!!! How now, Rapid KL??? Please, I urged you, extend it for poor honest loyal souls like me :-( We did not wished for the RMO to happen so please, please, please extend it. It's computerised so I'm sure you can just update it backend for us poor souls. Thanking you in advance *fingers crossed*

Feeling a little annoyed that I turn to crochet to calm myself down, sooth my soul and my loss :-(

Anyway, with this RMO extension, I sure hope that, aside from COVID-19 disappearing from the face of the Earth, I could finally finished my spring-cleaning and work-in-progress. Though I have a few hours to complete it every evening, it's still time-consuming and I have to diligently make sure it sparks joy once completed LOL! So another 2 weeks is a blessing in disguise! Apologies to the extroverts out there! Please stay at home and make this RMO work! Duduk diam diam ya......

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

RMO: Day 7

Another busy yet fulfilling day. Loving the weather too where it's sunny and hot during the day then turned thunderstorm during the night. It sure makes the day more productive and then we can rest and relax during the night. Truly makes sense during this Restricted Movement Order or Movement Control Order. Being home sure makes learning new things much easier to absorb too albeit some miscommunication but in the end, it's done and case closed.

Anyway, there could be an extension to this RMO which I don't mind. Being an introvert, I'm loving being home always. Unfortunately for my extrovert friends, they are getting bored LOL!!! Seeing their daily Instagram or Facebook posts of things they were trying to do to fill their time with was funny! Although most of it consisted of homecooked meals... macam lah tak pernah cook at home before but then... to each their own. Since I have to work from home so nothing extraordinary from me LOL!

MPOV: Pop Pizza

This is an overlooked post which I've forgotten to publish. It was during the end of December 2019.

Hunting for food in Mid Valley is truly a tedious task with the many varieties available which made it harder to decide. We finally settled on this pizza parlour since it's new and recently opened. I guess we should have read the menu first before trying it out.
Monsters pizza RM78
It turned out to be quite costly plus the pizza we had was really hard and difficult to chew on. Also the portion was considered small for 5 of us when the waiter claimed it's big. The ingredient on top was quite thin which I guess made the portion small. Our total bill was RM90.50 just for that pizza alone with 10% and 5% taxes. Thankfully our iced waters were free.
Honestly, it's not worth our money and we would not want to go back again. The other pizza parlours served way much better ones with loads of topping and more crunchy to chew on even for thin crust. Not forgetting we had to wait quite a while when we were so famished, about 1/2 hour, as it's freshly made using those wood type oven. The only plus point were the servers /  waiters... prompt and friendly. We definitely hadn't thought of pizza after that as this one truly shooked us up. Maybe we ordered the wrong food or we went there at the wrong timing but it was not a pleasant experience for us.

My rating: 2/5
Location: LG-043 Mid Valley Megamall

Monday, 23 March 2020

RMO: Day 6

If you would like to know what I did during the weekend i.e. day 4 and 5, you can view from my Instagram account :-)

Another day working from home, another day stayed lock-up. The furthest I went was to the rubbish bin outside LOL! Getting the hang of it but I do missed my reading time in the commute. Reading has definitely slowed down even though I am excited to finish it soon. Oh well, we can't expect to have everything our way during this period.....

Happy to have cleared up some of my collections though not as much as I would have wanted to. Hoarding is something I must eliminate and make way, donate or discard but the heart says 'spark joy'! How lah like that??? At least it's a good progress from 5 boxes to 3! Still have more to go!

So how's your Restricted Movement Order working out for you thus far?

Friday, 20 March 2020

RMO: Day 3

It's day 3, getting a little monotonous but thankfully, I have my angels entertaining me day in day out! Aside from work and laptop crashing, everything and everyone is fine and good. Finally able to sort out my sticker, bookmark, postcard and greeting card collections! So happy to have the extra time to Konmari my stuff since I 'm home, skipping the heavy traffic jam! Such precious hours well used!

Nothing much to report except that I'm just thankful to be home and not exposed to the possibility of getting infected with COVID-19. Totally grateful for this RMO!

Thursday, 19 March 2020

RMO: Day 2

A very happy birthday to my dear baby boy! He's 18 today but we are in a lockdown so no celebration this time. Just being home, spending quality time together is much more meaningful in fact. Light bantering and laughter, life's most precious medicine! Hubby also cooked lunch, in a way to celebrate, especially for the birthday boy! I'm sure it is a memorable one, not only for him but for all of us too LOL! Creating lovely memories is much more valuable than gifts itself, in my opinion.
Another work from home day, laptop has been crashing down as usual though much lesser than yesterday. I'm getting the hang of it but I do missed my reading times in the train. Yes, I'm one of those weird ones who reads during commute. My 'me time' so to speak LOL! Anyway, lets pray and hope this pandemic curve will be flatten and we can proceed with our daily lives again... soon.


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