Thursday, 4 February 2016

I've tried Tasty but it didn't panned out

Recently tried cooking this recipe from Tasty, Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken, but it turned out horribly wrong. It looks easy and simple but somehow didn't taste as nice even though I've followed the instructions to the core.

Firstly, it was salty perhaps from too much soy sauce. Secondly, hubs didn't like the oregano taste. Well, overall it tasted weird lah. Last but not least, it didn't turned out like the video. You can view the exact video here:

Here's my update:
My ingredients
All in the slow cooker
The all blacks...
My only mistake: I didn't taste the mixture first before putting it into the slow cooker to cook. I should have tasted and corrected it before proceeding further. Lesson learnt... just stick to the likes of Jamie and Nigella...

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Amigurumi: rose plant

Recently made this for a friend's birthday gift!
Ai Jou, I sure do hope you like it :-) Happy 'early' birthday!
What I've used:
  • 100% acrylic yarns
  • Fibrefill
I've actually combined 2 patterns to make this rose plant. Below are the links of the original patterns:

Plant pattern from:

Rose pattern from:

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Post KLBAC Book Sale

Just a recap of last Sunday's KLBAC Book Sale at Super Pharmacy Section 19 PJ. I liked the location as parking is free plus it's easy to locate the pharmacy. The only disappointment is the day/time and F&B.

Well, the day and time has impacted the crowd as it's on a Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Most church-goers and Sunday sleep-ins would skip this as the timing is off. Plus the BBW double sale was on it's last weekend at MAEPS so I assumed most readers are there to get their final loot.

Although they have spaghetti and lasagna, it's missing hot coffee!!! LOL! I would have preferred some hot coffee or tea as opposed to the regular vending machine drinks. Honestly!

I also noticed the lack of publicity hence the lacklustre response. Depending on Facebook coverage is never enough. There are many readers who are not smartphone enabled. Also the story-telling by Grandma Ean was too early so not many people then. The colouring contest was timely but the parents were mostly non-readers hence the lack of interest.
Ai Jou and I shared a table this time
Storytelling by Grandma Ean aka Teo Choon Ean 
Selfie with author Teo Choon Ean
My final book haul for this year which costs me RM50 only! Frugal mode on!
I got this beautiful gem from Vannitha of Itch to Switch! So loving it!
The next one is on a Saturday, 20th February 2016, same location. Not sure if I'll join in yet... still thinking about it but I do have a lot of books to be rid of... will update in due course.

Monday, 1 February 2016

MPOV: Ola Bola

Hubs got free tickets for any movie so we opt for this local venture which has been getting many rave reviews. True enough, it was a movie worth watching.
Ola Bola is a Malaysian made movie for Malaysians. It's based on the local football's most distinct historical event and fictionalised it into this awesome movie.

This movie basically brought us back to the late 70's when the national football team hits a slump with the retirement of their famous striker, Super 10 Samad. Without a coach, the team captain Tauke continued to train the team so that they are well-prepared for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Along came Coach Harry Mountain aiming to do his best but Tauke was not about to relinquish his duty and still ordered the team as he likes. This led the team to a chaotic turnaround causing them to lose the friendly matches. With no team work and ignorance, the team was left in shambles especially when Tauke left as he does not see eye to eye with Harry.

Through the eyes of ex-national striker Eric, a reporter Marianne brought back those memories of 1980 and the re-enactment from the slump to glory of the national football team. It was nostalgic watching these resemblance and the efforts they made to achieve their football dreams. Being hardcore poor did not deter them to try their best and still work till the sun goes down to make ends meet. The below extracted from Wikipedia:
Kisah OlaBola bermula ketika seorang wartawan bernama Marianne yang ditugaskan untuk membuat kajian tentang pasukan bola sepak negara yang telah mencipta nama pada era 80an dahulu yang mana ketika itu nama Malaysia dalam sukan bola sepak begitu digeruni oleh pasukan lawan khasnya di rantau Asia ini. Marianne mula merasa bosan dengan kerjayanya dan membuat keputusan untuk berhijrah ke England. Sebelum dia meninggalkan negara, dia membuat keputusan untuk menyiapkan tugasannya buat kali terakhir. Namun, dia menemui suatu perkara yang ternyata mengubah hidupnya.
 Mengimbau kembali ketika di awal era 80-an, pasukan bola sepak negara ketika itu berdepan dengan cabaran di mana pemain-pemainnya mempunyai perbezaan pendapat dan tidak sehaluan sehingga menyebabkan kekalahan dalam perlawanan penting. Keadaan semakin rumit apabila hampir setiap pemain mempunyai isu dan masalah masing-masing. Walau bagaimanapun, mereka hanya mempunyai satu peluang untuk beraksi di persada mata dunia. Jadi, barisan pemain harus mengetepikan hal peribadi demi mengharumkan nama negara. Ketika semangat kembali menyemarak dalam diri, pasukan negara sekali lagi diduga dengan satu cabaran yang mematahkan semangat mereka dan harapan negara.
 OlaBola yang diilhamkan dari peristiwa sebenar ini akan membawa penonton dari pelbagai bangsa untuk sama-sama merasai semangat bersatu hati dan muhibah. Kisah yang penuh ikhtibar ini akan membawa penonton melihat semangat, keunikan dan kekuatan yang terdapat dalam kepelbagaian bangsa di Malaysia.
It was mind-blowing on how they stay united in the end even though it was for nothing. Their true grit and integrity shone, with the multi-racial team members fighting till the end. Such a beautifully directed movie with an outstanding casts. Even the cinema-goers clapped their hands when the real Tauke, Dato' Soh Chin Aun, made a cameo appearance in the end.

What I loved the most was the multi-lingual which you can definitely never find in any other movies in the world! Light, hilarious, authentic even though with a bout of seriousness. A moving and meaningful movie worth watching in the cinema.

Hubs was even reminiscing who is who based on their jersey numbers but the most obvious would be the goalkeeper Muthu which could have been based on R. Arumugam.

After some Googling, I found this link too! Worth pondering on...

My rating: 5/5
Directed by Chiu Keng Guan
Starring: JC Chee, Luqman Hafidz, Saran Kumar Manokaran, Marianne Tan, Katrina Ho, Bront Palarae, Frankie Lee

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Etsy Resolution 2016

I’ve recently embarked on a new journey. It somehow came naturally and timely. I was still thinking if this or that will work. And then this suddenly came to me in many directions in social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram. I hesitated at first but then thinking I actually have nothing to lose. It’s just a matter of opening a virtual shop on an international platform with high traffic! I just need to make more, snap more and upload! Easy peasy!

What am I mumbling about? Well, it’s the Etsy Resolution 2016!
Etsy is an online marketplace to sell handmade or vintage products to millions of customers worldwide. It's a simple shop solution for independent artists, crafters, and makers.
Etsy has started this resolution program for their South East Asia crafters in a way to promote their platform and also getting us to open a virtual shop to sell our crafts. So to start right, they have actually created this program to guide and teach us all there is to know about the online craft business.

After a few weeks of recruiting, the Etsy Resolution 2016 has started on 25th January 2016 and will carry on for 4 weeks with different topics plus having 3 of their esteemed vendors as our mentors in their Facebook group.
It is also an opportunity to learn the tools that you need to start your business, learn from talented mentors and gain support and feedback from other like-minded individuals. The purpose of this programme is to connect, inspire and collaborate with one another - a place where we can share our stories, our goals and our challenges. I encourage you to dare greatly, drive your creative passions and break down our barriers to build a strong community. We are better when we are together.

At first, I was reluctant to blog about this but then if I don’t publicly say it then I might not get it going in then… correct? So here goes the start of my new journey which I do hope will evolve into something successful... wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

If you are also interested, do check out their website:

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

MPOV: Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Hong Kee

We were in Malacca recently and had a late lunch here. Not crowded but was buzzing with customers. The coffeeshop was also neat and approachable.

One thing's for sure, you must be able to speak Mandarin in order to survive in Malacca. Everywhere we go, the first dialect the locals speak is Mandarin. If you can't verse in Mandarin then there'll be difficulty in ordering your food right.

Thankfully, our order turned out right but we had trouble ordering our soup. Another point to note, there's no soup accompanying the chicken rice in Malacca, unlike in KL. So don't expect free soups here ya... if you want soup, you need to pay for it.
Missed out the photo of our simple vege and pork soup
The coffeeshop's facade
Truth be told, the chicken meat was so juicy tender, the 'siu yoke' skin was so crunchy yummy and the 'char siu' was tastefully made. A worthy and fulfilling lunch albeit some communication breakdown LOL! In fact, I think this is the best chicken rice I've had so far in Malacca! A unassuming coffeeshop which the locals prefer to frequent is always the best bet as opposed to those famous and expensive ones at Jonker Walk.

Our total bill was RM38, inclusive of 2 glasses of iced Chinese tea and 2 plates of rice, which is averagely priced for such a meal. It was appetizing, fulfilling and affordable to boot for such coffeeshop ambiance.

My rating: 4/5
Location: No.8, Jalan TKL 3/7, Sek 3, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka
Type: non-halal

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

KLBAC Book Sale @ Super Pharmacy PJ

If you are looking for affordable second hand books, do drop by this event on Sunday, 31st January 2016. There'll be lots of vendors including handmade book related merchandises.
Also, there will be many activities on that day like colouring contest, story telling and more! Lots of prizes to be won too!

I'll also be there to sell my preloved books, price ranging from RM3 to RM15:

Mark your calendars ya... hope to see you all there!

Date: 31st January 2016
Time: 10am to 3pm
Location: Super Pharmacy, No 18 Block C Jalan 19/1, Section 19 PJ


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