Monday, 27 June 2016

MPOV: Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window

This book reminisces Totto-chan's initial school life from year one where she was expelled from a public school and then enrolled into Tomoe Gakuen which had changed her life inevitably. Tomoe was no ordinary school. It's syllabus and teachings were different from the conventional school thus every single student, there were 50, who joined this school felt appreciated, valued and allowed freedom of choice. Due to the special ways, the students were happy and never left the school until WW2 came and downed the school. Such education syllabus was frowned upon then but it actually helped build characters and minds of each student. Even their lunch time was well thought of... it must consists of something from the sea and the hill to ensure a balance diet!

The founder and headmaster, Mr Kobayashi, was a very dedicated man, always thinking of ways to manage and educate the students creatively and properly. The school ground was special, made of unused trains with railway tracks. The students do have a free hand in most anything, allowing them to discover and decide on their own. They were guided by the specially trained teachers and I definitely adored their curricular activities. Truly inspiring and beneficial to the growing children. Regardless of their curiosity and hyperactiveness, these students have no issue in this school, not judgemental, well behaved and disciplined. Totto-chan was expelled due to the ruckus she created then such as talking to the people who passed by the school and being noisy. In short, the teachers in her old school just didn't know how to handle a curious and hyperactive girl with the conventional and dull syllabus they had.

I know I'll benefit greatly in such school but then, alas, there's nothing like it in Malaysia. All according to the textbooks, nothing out of the box, no creative learning. If there is one and affordable, I would definitely enroll my Angels there. On the other hand, I think if there is one, it'll costs a bomb as knowing the Malaysian ways... they'll think of making more money first and not for the love of children's education.

Anyway, back to the book, it's Totto-chan's tribute to the headmaster, the school and the teachers plus her many friends as Tomoe Gakuen was one of a kind. She had made a pack with Mr Kobayashi then to be a teacher in Tomoe but it didn't happen so she has wrote this book in honour of him and Tomoe Gakuen.

It was translated in a simple and easy to understand manner but I do wish it was originally written in English instead of Japanese. It somehow captured only some, if not all, of the juice of the creative writing and I do find it a little bored at times. Thankfully, I can imagine the funfilled era, I can relate to the happiness and sadness Totto-chan had but it did not translate fully in English. You know those kaleidescope of feelings one would have in a memoir. This is why I didn't like reading books which have been translated, always preferring the original language. Mind you, it is not the translator's fault, don't get me wrong as she had done her best. Perhaps it's the OCD in me :-p

Well, if you are looking for a light, memoir read and not bothered by lost in translation, this is a good book to venture into. Believe it or not, Totto-chan has blossomed into a celebrity in Japan. The happiness, the sadness, death and war maketh a successful woman. So to end this post with a quote... 'make love not war'.

Goodreads rating: 4.31
My rating: 4/5

Author: Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Genre: memoir

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Happy Birthday Minnie!

I still remember distinctly when Minnie first came into our lives. She's such an adorable and good pup. No whining. No crying. No barking.

7 years later, she's a grown dog but for me, she's still a pup in my eyes. Whenever I dote on her, hubs always shakes his head LOL! He always says I'm spoiling her but he's also doing the same!
One of her favourite position :-)
She's my -gardening, cooking, laundry, sleeping- basically everything companion. She follows me wherever I go so when she's not, I know she's up to no good LOL! Anyway...
Happy Birthday my dear Minnie... may you live long and prosper!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Unboxed: Prescription glasses from GlassesShop

Finally my order has arrived and I totally forgot about it! Well, it took a while to reach me since it's coming from China *sheepish grin* Yes, GlassesShop is based in China but the staff is professional and easy to liaise with.
The unassuming packaging :-) arrived a month later!
After unboxing it!
I quickly checked out the whole package and it was unbelievably right on. Also sturdily packed so no need to worry of broken lenses or frames. I was truly in awe that the frame was of good quality! Even the springy joints were good and did not awkwardly come off like some frames would. After trying it on, it seemed everything was alright including my prescription lenses...
Suits me or not???
I do like it a lot as it feels elegant and classy unlike my current plastic one. I'm happy to wear it for my everyday squinting, straining and staring LOL! Now I kinda regret not getting a prescription sunglasses... perhaps next round when I have the budget and the need for a bifocal lenses. Their affordable and cheap glasses do look expensive, mind you! Also their slogan 'Online Eyeglasses Doctor Quality' definitely fits the bill and they do live up to it; in my books thus far...

For those who are interested to get a pair, you can utilise the special coupon code below and get 50% off!!! You can have 50% off on any eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses; except for frames which are on sale ya...
Special Coupon Code - GSHOT50
This blog post has been written in collaboration with the good people at GlassesShop in exchange of my honest review.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

MPOV: Warcraft

Draenor, the homeworld of the orcs, is dying. Gul'dan unites the orc clans into an army called the Horde, and uses a mysterious magic force called the fel to create a portal to the realm of Azeroth. The fel requires draining life to sustain the portal, so the orcs sacrifice captive Draenei to fuel it. Gul'dan leads a small warband to capture prisoners in Azeroth and sacrifice them to bring the whole Horde through. Despite their doubts, Durotan, the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, his pregnant mate Draka, and his friend Orgrim Doomhammer join this initial warband. While crossing through the portal, Draka goes into labor. When the orcs arrive in Azeroth, Gul'dan assists Draka with her birth, but the baby is stillborn. Gul'dan then uses the life force of a nearby deer to revive and infuse fel magic into the baby.

The orcs raid several settlements throughout Azeroth. Sir Anduin Lothar, the military commander of the kingdom of Stormwind, looks over some of the men that were killed, and catches a trespassing mage named Khadgar, who explains that he was investigating the dead bodies because they contain traces of the fel. Khadgar persuades Stormwind's king, Llane Wrynn, to consult Medivh, the fabled Guardian of Tirisfal, and Llane sends Lothar and Khadgar to Medivh's citadel Karazhan to inform him of the fel's presence in Azeroth. In the Karazhan library, a ghostly shadow leads Khadgar to a mysterious book, which he takes.

Lothar, Khadgar and Medivh join a scouting team following traces of fel magic, but are ambushed by orcs. Medivh uses a spell to kill most of the orcs, and Durotan, Orgrim, and the Horde's warchief Blackhand flee. Khadgar restrains the half-orc Garona, and the soldiers take her prisoner. King Llane frees Garona in exchange for loyalty to Stormwind, and she leads the humans to spy on the orc camp, where they learn of Gul'dan's plan to bring the entire Horde to Azeroth. Meanwhile, Durotan realizes that the fel magic drained the life from Draenor, and if Gul'dan is not stopped Azeroth will suffer the same fate. Despite Orgrim's objections, Durotan invites Llane to a secret meeting so that the Frostwolf Clan and humans can unite to kill Gul'dan. Studying the book he took from Karazhan, Khadgar learns that Gul'dan could not have opened the portal on his own; he had help from someone in Azeroth. He is confronted by Medivh that he should not be so arrogant as to think Medivh needs his help, and effortlessly burns Khadgar's notes with a spell. Khadgar later discusses the truth about the portal with Lothar, as well as Medivh's actions against him.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

I do not play computer games but I do know Warcraft as hubby does play the game. So I was sceptical a little when I saw that a movie has been made but after I have watched the trailer, I was in awe!

Filled laden with CGIs, it may not be as real sometimes but it was good enough to complete the movie as a whole. A lot of effort and creative juices have been pumped into this movie. You can definitely see their blood, sweat and tears... so not sure why the many negative reviews... it's just a fantasy movie.

The plot may be based on the game and not as original but at some points, I was even anticipating it! Kinda predictable but still entertaining nonetheless. For example, when the King agreed to the secret meeting with Durotan, somehow I felt that they will be ambushed. Also when the King died... somehow I knew it would have ended that way. However, the way Blackhand died was too superficial...

After watching the movie, there were questions in my mind...
Garona is Medivh's daughter? 
So Medivh had the fel magic when he was with Garona's mother? 
So Garona is the ONE? Hence she's been destined to unite and bring peace to both worlds in Azeroth and perhaps linked up with Lothar?
Also, who has found Go'el which prompted me to look forward to the next movie!

Overall, it's an entertaining movie which kept me on tithers. Also, it somehow reminded me of King Arthur and Merlin LOL! I am truly surprised seeing Daniel Wu's name in the casts... can you guess which character did he played?

IMDb rating: 7.6/10
My rating: 4/5

Director: Duncan Jones
Casts: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Daniel Wu
Category: PG13 - A 2016 American fantasy film, action

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Eyeglasses Frames Online from GlassesShop

I have been wearing reading glasses for more than 7 years now. All thanks to my 'hazardous hobbies' which require me to squint, strain and stare LOL! It is true leh... according to my optometrist... I've been reading a lot plus I crochet and cross-stitch, not forgetting the computer, tab and mobile phone... hence causing my Hyperopia to come a calling early.
Definition of Hyperopia: a condition in which visual images come to a focus behind the retina of the eye and vision is better for distant than for near objects - called also farsightedness
Definition above taken from
My current eyeglasses which I've worn for the past 3 years!
Recently, I had the opportunity to explore a different avenue in getting my new pair of prescription glasses. I would think it's a road less travelled, in this case, a less favourable option which is to purchase glasses frames online. Amidst all the online fears, it was actually an easy and convenient way to purchase with less hassle and traffic jams! Especially in the comfort of my own home...

Thanks to GlassesShop, I now have the opportunity to explore and get a new pair of eyeglasses online! There were so many designs to choose from with different materials and colours ranging from cheap glasses to premium ones and even prescription sunglasses! Also there were specifics and descriptions, all in detailed and easy to understand format, which honestly made it easy for me to pick and choose. I can also clicked on 'Tryon' to view it on a 'wearer' in 2D. All easy peasy with the clicking of a mouse!

So below were my shortlists:

Which one do you think I've gotten in the end?

Next, unboxing my new pair of eyeglasses!

For those who are interested to get a pair, you can utilise the special coupon code below and get 50% off!!! You can have 50% off on any eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses; except for frames which are on sale ya...
Special Coupon Code - GSHOT50
This blog post has been written in collaboration with the good people at GlassesShop in exchange of my honest review.


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