Friday, 17 April 2015

This weekend's events

As our Awesome Pawsome event is drawing near, just 3 days more to go, the atmosphere is getting exciting at Segi College,Subang . What a hustle bustle it is at Segi.

Seeds Group will have a jumble sale. If you have not visited your wardrobe for ages, then you dont need those clothes. How about giving them to LASS to be sold and proceeds go to feed our furkids?

Call us at at 0163119637 for collection. Please remember, the clothes must be in good condition.

Dont forget to come meet the LASS Team on Saturday. 18th April 2015 from 10am to 4pm.

Our furkids say a big Thank You!!!!

MDDB will be here on both days selling our merchandise and promoting our sponsorship programme. It is an excellent place for your furkids to burn their pent-up energy. See you there.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

MPOV: Rocku Yakiniku

Had company lunch here last Monday (thanks boss!). Thankfully traffic was smooth from PJ to KL and the mall was quiet and comfortable. They serve Japanese charcoal grill buffet which is a first for me.
The grand entrance. You noticed those ropes? It was really smelly which was nauseating for me otw into the restaurant.
Similar to Korean BBQ minus the ventilator hose.

My dessert... the best of the lot!
Overall experience was pleasant, similar to other BBQ restaurants with efficient staff and service. Menu was brief and simple, mostly meat variety. They also have limited dishes at the buffet counter. Meat portion however was small and very thinly sliced but can be ordered repeatedly since it's buffet. Not many vegetable variety though so mainly for meat lovers.

RM39.90 ++ per head for lunch buffet with limited makan time i.e. 100 minutes but excluding drinks and desserts thus not as cheap as we thought. I guess it depends also on how much meat you can eat during that 100 minutes will make it worthy of the money paid. Anyhow, it was fun so the companion makes a difference here since I'm not a big eater.

Rating: 3/5
Location: Level 7, Dining Loft, Pavilion KL
Type: non-halal

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

X-stitch: You are important to me

I made this cross-stitch for my in laws many moons ago! Upon seeing it after some time brought back much nostalgia especially eye and finger aches... LOL! Those were the days...

Pattern was photo-stated from somewhere which I totally can't recall! Threads used were from DMC.

Monday, 13 April 2015

MPOV: Empress Orchid

To rescue her family from poverty and avoid marrying her slope-shouldered cousin, seventeen-year-old Orchid competes to be one of the Emperor's wives. When she is chosen as a lower-ranking concubine she enters the erotically charged and ritualised Forbidden City. But beneath its immaculate faÁ§ade lie whispers of murders and ghosts, and the thousands of concubines will stoop to any lengths to bear the Emperor's son.

Orchid trains herself in the art of pleasuring a man, bribes her way into the royal bed, and seduces the monarch, drawing the attention of dangerous foes. Little does she know that China will collapse around her, and that she will be its last Empress.

This book was beautifully written, with good command of English and detailed expressive skills. Min was able to bring to life Orchid's journey and rise from poverty to concubine to empress with smooth transition. I was transported back to the era, re-imagining the life then with great anticipation. It was kinda hard for me to grasp that Tzu Shi was in fact a good empress but her image was tarnished by corrupted officials. Luckily it's fiction but in a way it did rang true since she did her best for her son's future. A really good read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Can't wait to read The Last Empress, book 2 of Orchid which is more of her downfall.

Rating: 4/5
Author: Anchee Min
Genre: fiction

Friday, 10 April 2015

This weekend's events

We have two events on this weekend. The Pet Fiesta begins today (Friday 10/4/15) and runs till Sunday (12/4/15) from 10am to 9pm daily.

Our adoption drive this week is on Saturday (11.4.15) at the Urban Yard bazaar at Setiawalk Puchong 12pm to 6pm.

Those wanting to donate in cash or kind can do so at both venues. We are in need of dog food, old newspaper, collars, leashes, cleaning detergents & rice.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

MPOV: Whitney

Golden Globe® Award winner and Academy Award® nominee Angela Bassett makes her directorial debut with the Lifetime Original Movie "Whitney," featuring Yaya DaCosta (Lee Daniels’ "The Butler") in the lead role with Arlen Escarpeta ("Final Destination 5") alongside her as Bobby Brown.

"Whitney" chronicles the headline-making relationship between the iconic singer, actress, producer and model Whitney Houston and singer and songwriter Bobby Brown from the time they first met at the very height of their celebrity to their courtship and tumultuous marriage. Throughout it all, difficulties followed the superstar couple while they dealt with the overwhelming rewards and consequences of the fame and fortune created by Houston’s meteoric rise that would soon overshadow them both.

Houston’s vocal performances in the film are sung by Grammy®-nominated and multiplatinum-selling entertainer Deborah Cox. The music featured in the film includes Houston’s hits “The Greatest Love of All,” “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” “I’m Every Woman” and “I Will Always Love You” as well as Brown’s “Every Little Step.”

Produced by The Sanitsky Company, "Whitney" is executive produced by Larry Sanitsky ("Betty & Coretta"). Shem Bitterman ("Betty & Coretta") wrote the script.

Following the movie’s premiere, Lifetime will air the hour-long documentary "Beyond the Headlines: Whitney Houston" at 10/9c, providing an in-depth look at the life and death of Houston. Interviews with friends – including longtime friend Darlene Love – colleagues and industry insiders will offer personal reflections and insight into the life and career of this American songstress and the tragic circumstances of her downfall. "Beyond the Headlines: Whitney Houston" is produced by Peacock Productions.

The above taken from

After watching the movie, it seemed that what I've read and knew were not true. It was not Bobby who had fed Whitney with drugs. Whitney was actually her own demon, destruction. She only has herself to blame for her addiction and death. She's as insecure as any other ordinary women, working her way up and also wanting a perfect family. I guess it must be true since Angela Bassett directed this movie, who also knew her and her family. Whichever it was, it is sad that her life ended the way it had. She was definitely one of the best vocal I've ever heard, a passionate legendary singer.

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


A teaser of what's new... 3/4 of the items in this pic are new... just need to find the time to snap photos and upload it ☺

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MPOV: Furious 7

After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew and securing their amnesties, Dominic Toretto (Diesel), Brian O'Conner (Walker), and the rest of the crew are able to return to the United States and live normal lives again. Brian begins to accustom himself to life as a father, while Dom tries to help Letty (Rodriguez) regain her memories by taking her back to Race Wars, however after an altercation with Hector, the race organizer and an old friend of theirs, she leaves. Dom later finds her at her graveyard in the cemetery, believing that she can no longer regain her memories. As Dom prepares to destroy the gravestone, Letty stops him, insisting that the "old Letty" died when she lost her memories, and that she was subsequently "born". As a reluctant Dom pulls away, Letty drives off and disappears, leaving Dom alone. Meanwhile, Owen's older brother, Deckard Shaw (Statham), breaks into the secure hospital the comatose Owen is being held in and swears vengeance against Dom.

Shaw breaks into Luke Hobbs' (Johnson) DSS office to extract profiles of Dom's crew. After revealing his identity, Shaw engages Hobbs in a fight, and escapes when he detonates a bomb that sends Hobbs and his partner, Elena Neves, flying from the building and onto the roof of a car. Severely injured, Hobbs is rushed to the hospital by Elena, who has escaped injury. Meanwhile, Dom learns from his sister Mia (Brewster) that she is pregnant again and convinces her to tell Brian about it, despite her objections. However, a bomb, disguised in a package sent from Tokyo, explodes and destroys the Toretto house just seconds after Han, one of their crew, is killed by Shaw in Tokyo. Dom later visits Hobbs in hospital, where he learns that Shaw is a rogue special forces assassin seeking to avenge his brother. Dom then travels to Tokyo to claim Han's body, where he meets Sean Boswell, a friend of Han's, who gives him personal items found at Han's crash, among them a cross necklace that Dom had attempted to find for Letty.

Back at Han's funeral in Los Angeles, where crew members Roman Pearce (Gibson) and Tej Parker (Bridges) watch on, Roman vows that he doesn't want to go to any more funerals, and Brian remarks that there is still one more of importance – Shaw's. Suddenly, Dom notices a car observing and chases after the vehicle, driven by Shaw. After a head-on collision in a game of chicken, both prepare to fight but Shaw slips away when a covert ops team arrives, led by Frank Petty (Russell). Petty informs Dom that he will assist him in stopping Shaw if he helps him prevent a mercenary named Jakande from obtaining God's Eye, a computer program that can use digital devices to track a specific person, and save its creator, a hacker named Ramsey, from Jakande's men. Dom recruits Brian, Letty, Roman and Tej to help him. However, Brian makes a promise to Mia that after Shaw is dealt with, he will dedicate himself to raising their son full-time. To rescue Ramsey, the team airdrops their cars over the Caucasus Mountains, ambushes Jakande's convoy and rescues Ramsey. They then head to Abu Dhabi, where a billionaire has acquired the flash drive containing God's Eye. At the Etihad Towers, the team breaks into his penthouse and manages to steal the flash drive. On both occasions, the team is pursued by Shaw, who engages in combat with Dom, and the team barely manages to escape alive.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

Furiously fast paced, kept me on my toes and clenching my jaw throughout the movie! The movie was action packed with many wow factor stunts! James Wan did a good job keeping the movie up to it's expectation and yet sticking to the value of this movie franchise. So entertaining with the right amount of tenderness. Those CGIs were so sick and realistic especially the super Lycan car stunt! Jaw dropping awesomeness! Totally worth every penny watching it in the cinema with the great sound effects! Of course, and those beautiful babes... I meant the cars ya ;-) Can't wait for Fast & Furious 8 now as announced by Vin Diesel recently.

Anyway, it was sombre towards the end. Really sad watching it knowing that he had passed on... a true legend, talented actor with a beautiful soul. Hoped Paul would like the amended ending which was so thoughtful and sweet. #ForPaul

Rating: 4/5
Directed by James Wan
Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriquez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Kurt Russell, Jason Statham
Genre: 2015 American action film


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